Lenard presents the reusable TECVIN hygienic mask*, with permanent flame-retardant properties.

Crafted from fabric in the TECVIN range, this mask combines maximum hygienic protection to combat COVID-19 with protection against fire hazards.

The reusable TECVIN mask has been developed as an essential accessory for fire hazard protection at work, given that most standard hygienic masks are made from conventional fibres, which are very often highly flammable.

In line with the UNE 0065:2020 specification, we achieved excellent results in terms of the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), with an efficiency of 99.95% in its original state. After 15 washes, the mask maintains an efficiency of 96.41%.
The mask also shows good results in terms of breathability, with a differential pressure of 58.4 Pa/cm² in its original state and 46.20 Pa/cm² after 15 wash cycles.

With the results obtained, Lenard will verify new results after 30 wash cycles.

*The reusable TECVIN hygienic mask is not classified as PPE