The Knitted Workwear range will only be sold by Lenard’s Partners

Given our far-reaching experience in the development and manufacture of special technical fabrics for the toughest working conditions, we’ve decided to go one step further and develop knitted garments with the guarantee of the Lenard brand.

In keeping with our desire to provide full protection at work by means of textile technology, in April Lenard will launch our new website Knitted Workwear range. The aim is to provide an exclusive service for our partners with knitted garments certified in accordance with the strictest regulations.

For the time being, Lenard will make three product ranges available on the new website: Knitted Workwear, main knitted garments; Underwear, knitted underwear to ensure comfort, and Accessories for use at work.

In no event will Lenard perform any direct sales. The Knitted Workwear range will only be sold via our partners in their respective countries.