Lenard has added a new high-visibility orange material suited for the manufacture of workplace clothing, such as polo shirts, where the aim is to offer workers both safety and comfort.

The 625 fabric was created specifically with worker protection in mind in low-light or low visibility work conditions where clothes that can be seen from a distance are needed, as is the case with many jobs carried out in industries such as petrochemicals, railways, electricity and shipping.

Lenard’s 625 specialist fabric increases workplace safety in low-light environments and areas exposed to electricity, fire and other hazards

The fabric weighs 250 g/m2. It provides resistance to convection (level B1), radiant (C1) and conduction heat (F1) and is flame-retardant (levels A1 and A2) and anti-static (EN 1149) as well as providing class 1 (4kA) electric arc resistance, which makes Lenard’s 625 ORANGE HV fabric a good contributor to safety for electricity workers faced with the danger of short-circuits.